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Facebook & Instagram ads training.

If you’d like the support of a professional, either to offer guidance on your ads or to train your team, then you could opt for a FB Ads power hour, support package or bespoke training.

I would require access to your ad account so we can discuss any issues and improvements, in order to better align your campaigns to your marketing goals.

If you are new to Facebook Ads or have a smaller budget, I can guide you on how to get started and make the best use of your money. If you are a team and want to be a bit more ads savvy, training sessions can help to bring you up to speed and increase your chances of success!

How I can help…

Facebook Ads Power Hour


I’ll ask you to complete a form outlining what you’d like to cover in order to get maximum value from the session. 

We can cover anything from which objectives are best suited to your goals, to troubleshooting or optimising active campaigns.

1 hour zoom call

Nurture Package


Nurture packages comprise of 3 hours of support.  Starting with an initial 1 hour zoom consultation tailored to your needs, we follow up with subsequent opportunities to check-in, look at how your ads are performing and address any issues. 

*Follow up sessions must be taken in minimum 30 min blocks within 6 months of the package commencing.

A nurture package allows for ongoing support, allowing you to put your learning into practise.

Facebook Business Setup


Business Manager is a great tool for your business.  If allows you to manage pages, ad accounts, pixels, shops and page roles all from one dashboard.  However, if things are not set up correctly from day 1, it can cause you a heap of stress further down the line.

This session will make sure you’re ready to roll by either setting up your Business Manager from scratch or detangling any issues  that may be causing you trouble!

1 hour online session with a follow up 30 minutes to ensure roles have been granted, pixels are firing, assets linked and problems solved!



 Bespoke training packages tailored to your business and your marketing goals are available for individuals or teams. 

This is a great way to equip in-house teams with the deeper knowledge and understanding to build and manage effective campaigns.

Prices vary according to package.


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