Social Media Consultation.

Social media is an amazing tool to grow a business so you should never underestimate the impact of your platforms. Do they tell the story of an engaged business aligned with its customers? Are they adding value as well as showcasing your brand? Are they building a community? Or are they hinting at a half hearted effort?

I offer a range of services across Facebook and Instagram from full social media strategies to campaign plans. We work together so I can really understand your business and your customers. I will then tailor advice to help you achieve your social media objectives.

I can help to make changes so your platforms are working for you and you are not wasting precious time on posts that are disappearing into a blackhole. No more posting on the fly, let’s kick things into shape and get your platforms growing your business.

How I can help…

 Power Hour


Power Hours take place online. I will ask for a brief outline of what you’d like to cover and take a look at your platforms prior to our call.  The hour is yours, so come prepared so we can pack in as much value.  I’m happy to advise on any area of your social media from how to improve performance to planning a promotion or campaign.

Power hour fees are for 1 attendee only.

Nurture Package

£ 375

Nurture packages comprise of 3 x 1 hr sessions taken over a 3 month period.  Starting with an initial consultation (on any area your choosing), we follow up with opportunities to check-in, analyse page performance, make recommendations and answer all your questions. 

A nurture package provides ongoing support, allowing you to put your strategy into practice under the guidance of a professional.  

  Social Media Strategy

starting at £700

Social Media marketing without a strategy is a waste of everyone’s time and your effort!  A strategy is essential if you want your platforms to promote or grow your business.  I create a comprehensive strategy covering everything from your target customer to content pillars, from what to post to when to post it.  This package starts with an online session to discuss your business and clarify your social media goals.  Once your strategy has been delivered we have a follow up consultation to answer any questions you may have.

Training & Workshops

I can provide a bespoke training package for individuals or for your team, designed around your social media objectives. This can take place as a one-off session or an ongoing tailored package spread over several weeks.

Training can be carried out at your place of work or remotely.

Want to chat?

If you’d like to discuss the ways I can help your business, please leave your contact details and I’ll be in touch.