Hi I’m Annabelle.

A social ads strategist and
video content creator

I can help you reach your customers, build audiences, generate leads and grow your business through the power of social ads.  Because let’s face it, with 4.6 billion people on social platforms, it’s some power!

How can I help?

As social media continues to evolve, you can’t afford to stand still.  These channels of communication have changed the way we live our lives and just as importantly, how we run our businesses.  Social platforms give us unprecedented access to new and existing customers and advertising can be targeted like never before.  We all know the potential, but how can you make it work for you? Well relax, that’s where I come in.

Where to next?

Help me with ads!

Management, Strategy, Consultations & Training

Help me with video!

creating video ads, video support & editing

Wellness Week Hong Kong

We loved working with Annabelle. With a tight deadline, she was able to walk us through the various options available, explain a lot of the complicated back-end elements of Facebook Business in clear and easy-to-understand terms, and come up with a strategy that delivered the results we needed. Our event attendance and offers pickup was hugely boosted thanks to her contribution, and our clients were thrilled with the results. We were impressed with what we could achieve with a small investment in Facebook when guided by an expert in how to allocate our budget for maximum return. 

Sarah Fung
Liv Media
Victoria Flint

I approached Annabelle for help with a charity client who had got into a complete muddle with social media. Annabelle was amazing in helping to untangle a mess of personal profiles and business pages. She immediately focused on solutions – setting up a business manager to streamline management of social media accounts and also gave advice on how to run ads to promote the charity’s fundraising appeal. As well as offering a strategic approach, Annabelle knows social media inside and out so was able to offer practical, immediately helpful advice. Thanks to her help the charity has been able to get back on track and use social media to build support and profile.

Victoria Flint
Communications Consultant for non-profits
Maya of Glastonbury

Working with Annabelle has been a real joy. She is professional and extremely knowledgeable, and works in a way that makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. She has achieved great results and helped us progress and improve the structure of our entire online business.